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Here you can find my latest article and news :)

Wordpress and Drupal theming

Theming in Wordpress and Drupal 7: a simple suggest

Hello everyone, I haven’t written anything for a while now, but it looks like tonight I have got the right inspiration!

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Wordpress admin page

EX first: how to improve the Editor Experience in Wordpress and Drupal

How long does it take to your Editors to learn and understand your new platform? What’s the maintenance cost of the platform? In few words, how is the Editor Experience on your new website?

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Alessandro Scolozzi responsive

Day 1: My new website, the start of a long journey

When I look at the first design mock up I put togheter for my website some time ago and when I see how different it is compared to the final version of it, I understand the hard work I have done and I feel proud because realizing a web s

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