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Day 1: My new website, the start of a long journey

  • Author: alessandroSC

  • Date: 14 June 2016

Alessandro Scolozzi responsive

When I look at the first design mock up I put togheter for my website some time ago and when I see how different it is compared to the final version of it, I understand the hard work I have done and I feel proud because realizing a web site is not just writing code, it is preparing the design, choosing the right CMS, thinking about the present and future concepts you want to show, preparing the server, making it secure, writing content and much more...

It meant knowledge and passion, it meant sleeping less than 5 hours per night… but it was worth, because after 2 months of hard night work, I am glad to announce that is now live!

I will regularly publish news regarding the industry and, as long as you are logged in, you can comment my articles.
You could ask me: “Well, do you want me to register only to comment you articles”?
Well, this is what I can offer you now, but be sure that there will be new features for the registered users in future as I have built this website with the idea of improving it day by day.

If you have something to say or you need help with your website, feel free to get in touch sending an e-mail to the address: or use the Contact Form in the Homepage.

Last but not least, it’s time to have some fun. Click here to see the first design file I prepared, here to see how the original logo was and… probably the funniest one.... if you feel brave enough… the original picture of myself (the one in the ‘About me’ section is photoshopped!!!).

Thanks for reading and enjoy