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Theming in Wordpress and Drupal 7: a simple suggest

  • Author: alessandroSC

  • Date: 14 January 2017

Wordpress and Drupal theming

Hello everyone, I haven’t written anything for a while now, but it looks like tonight I have got the right inspiration!

It can be that for the new year you are looking for a new website, so today (tonight I would say...) we will see an easy and effective way to start a new theme from scratch in Drupal 7 and Wordpress.

In my previous article I started with Wordpress, so this time let’s give it a go with Drupal.

Drupal 7: the Zen Philosophy
Zen is the most popular starting theme in Drupal 7 and, probably, making a sub-theme of Zen will make your development easy.

That’s because of the Zen approach: a really nice and powerful mobile first theme built following the best HTML5 standards which contains out of the box a so called ‘Starterkit’ folder which contains all you need to start your sub-theme, including SASS files.

If you want to find out more about Zen, please visit this page.

Are you not sure how to create a sub-theme in Drupal 7? Check this page.

Wordpress: Underscores is the way
Underscores is a project that allows you to create and download a Wordpress theme folder with a custom name in few seconds.

The theme has a lot out of the box: mobile first CSS approach with normalizations already in place, templates files already there (including 404 page file) and the javascript code to make your main navigation in the header responsive (with a button on mobile which toggles the menu).

To start visit Underscores page here, insert your theme’s name and generate the folder. Once the folder will be imported in the ‘themes’ folder in Wordpress, the theme will be available in the Admin interface.

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